THIS AGREEMENT made on this ______(day), ____________ (month), 201__ (year) BETWEEN
___________________________________ (full name) of ______________ (country), residing at
__________________________ (address) about ______ years of age (hereinafter referred to as
“the Licensor”) and Different Strokes Communications Pvt. Ltd. a Company incorporated in the
Indian Companies Act, 1956/2013 and having its registered office at 34, Gold Palms, 1st Floor, Flat
No. 3, Keni Wadi, Lt. Dilip Gupte Marg, Mahim (West), Mumbai-400016, India & Light on Yoga
Research Trust, having it’s registered office at Elmac House, 126 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower
Parel, Mumbai - 400013, India(hereinafter referred to as “the Licensees”).
Whereas the Licensor is a Yoga enthusiast and practising yoga as taught by the late Guruji B.K.S.
Iyengar (hereinafter referred to as “Iyengar yoga”).
The Licensor is the owner of footage wherein there are visual clips/short documentary of the
Licensor speaking about Iyengar yoga and their experiences as such as propounded by the late
Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar OR giving oral instructions on Iyengar yoga / practicing Iyengar yoga. The
Licensees on the occasion of the birth centenary on 14.12.2018 of the said Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar,
are desireous of making a crowd-sourced documentary on the said late Guruji.
The Licensees has have requested the Licensor to use the footage belonging to the Licensor in the
said documentary to perpetuate the legacy of the said late Guruji. The Licensor hereby gives
license in perpetuity to the Licensees or whomsoever they choose to use the footage or such part
thereof as Licensees deems fit to cut, paste, edit, add or subtract any part or portion from the said
footage as the Licensees deems fit in any form visual and/or audio or audio-cum-visual.
The Licensor indemnifies the Licensees from any objection(s) that may arise from anyone
else appearing in the video.
The Licensor hereby confirms that the said footage is licensed out to the Licensees in perpetuity
and without any monetary consideration in terms of the foregoing clause, as it is also my desire that
the practice of Iyengar yoga is spread far and wide.
Yours truly,
_____________________________________ (Name)
_____________ (Date)